Lovina, the art of Hammam

Lovina BrusselsA meeting place of sharing aimed at relaxation and well-being, the hammam, heir of Greek and Byzantine baths is a temple of beauty, a true alcove of Eastern social life.

A place to indulge oneself on 3 levels, offering a hammam and its several areas, steam room, exfoliation room, body wrap room, sauna, relaxation room and a solarium.

The treatment rooms: areas dedicated to relaxation and care, oriental massages and facials (BIO treatments - brand PHYT'S) are provided by our qualified staff which will ensure that this is a moment for you, just for you ...

The hairdressing salon: a space to revive your beauty thanks to our hairdressers' know-how and our high level products used.

Our Spa is open daily from 10:00 AM until 10:30 PM.